A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

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My stomach is aching but I don't want to eat.
I wish I still knew people who had access to aderol.
Need to befriend more add people.

The gray of the sky is gonna turn to rain very soon. the wind has already started whipping the spilled soil and crinkled leaves on the ground of the patio into tiny arabesques of offal.

like blood and skin.
bile and limbs.
little bits of the plant people. needful components.

I feel empty.
it doesn't bother me.

I'll get to ponder what I'll be filled with next.
Who will do the filling.
will I like it?
will I run?
Will I cling to my hollow?

yes yes yes.. horribly morose am I.
But I've got a smile on my face the whooooole time.

Tim says that's what makes me a goth.
I say it's what makes me human.

I'm gettin pretty sick of being told what I am.
I'm even sicker of trying to figure it out myself.

I want to be outside when the rain starts....

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