A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

*nice* poem

De Somnus

I dreamed I was a poem
That you read
And that I made you cry

I dreamed I was a mountain top
That you�d climb to
Watch the small world move below

I dreamed I was field full of roses
Where you�d lie
And smile and dream

I dreamed I was a blade of grass
That you�d twist
Between your fingertips

I dreamed I was your chalk
And your paint
And we�d make beautiful things

I dreamed I was a canopy and a bed
Where you�d feel at peace
And rest

I dreamed I was a piece of chocolate
You�d eat slowly
Enjoy and savior

I dreamed I was a lock of your hair in your eyes
And you�d brush me aside
And smile

I dreamed that you�d put me behind your ear
Where I could hear
All of the thoughts in your mind

I dreamed that you would never cut me off
That I could always remind you
Of how pretty you are

I dreamed I was the light in the corner of your room
You�d always leave on
Just to watch over you

I dreamed that I was not too bright
That I swept over your eyes
With comforting brilliance

I dreamed that if I ever went out
You would not be able to fall asleep
In the dark

I dreamed I was a tiny piece of paper
You always kept with you
Inside of your purse

I dreamed I was in a special pocket
That even you
Sometimes forgot about

I dreamed I was always by your side
Kept warm in your purse
In London and springtime

I dreamed I was your favorite book
And you�d read me
Over and over again
(and you did)

I dreamed I had a brilliant cover
With things that always made you smile
And laugh

I dreamed that my pages were empty
And you would fill them with pictures
And wit

And I, I dreamed that I was carefully bounded
Together so strong
I could never fall apart

I dreamed I could keep your writings forever
And that they would never get aged
Or turn brown

And I, I dreamed that you lost me somehow
And you cried
And cried and cried

I dreamed I was your hopes and your dreams
And you would speak of me with great love in your heart

I dreamed I was your waking up
And you would stretch and yawn
And I would be gone

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