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I'm cranky today. *very* cranky. Very very.
I'm trying to ingest a lot of coffee to flip that mood over a little. But, well.. it's slow going (because I do things like accidentally flip a *chunk* of sugar into the coffee so it tastes more like coffee syrup than coffee and it's vile... I'll be dumping it out in a sec) and I don't know if it will work.

The Islamic Militant who killed that reporter... Daniel?David?Pearl... killed him with an axe to teach America and Jews a lesson. ::thumbs up:: taught them that times *haven't* changed, more like it.

I had a nice long rant about american foreign policy and the american corporate media machine last night. And Chad didn't even scream at me or nod off ::grin::
I think we actually *agreed* on most of it too. It was amazing. Because he's pretty amazing.
Feelin the looooove from him in a big way.
Because he just rocks, ya know.

And I somehow pulled the muscle that spans the gap between shoulder and arm on the inside... the weird edge pit muscle that's crammed up against that tendon... So I keep flexing it. Because it feels weird, ya know.

Yes, I picked scabs.

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