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I'm pretty out of it this morning. For about the first half hour I was up you could have asked me to do just about anything and I'd have been ready to go. Very up and peppy and feeling fully awake. And then that ebbed away ::grin::

I've got De La Soul songs stuck in my head. Just over and over and over.
And that's just fine with me.

I think I'm going to make soda bread today. Maybe. I feel like I should. ::shrug::
I need to run to the store and pick up those vitamins I wanted before they go off sale but it's feeling pretty hard to just move.

But I will persevere, dammit.

The world is far too Britney and Christina and Mall Metal Watered Down Crap for my taste. It disturbs me still, as always, that hardcore (watered down and pansified) became popular.
What the hell happened to korn?When did they turn into this puddle of whimpy crap?
What happened to the J. Davis who screamed "you'll suck my dick and fucking like it"?
ANd they were never that damned hard to begin with. But at least they didn't sound so much like something made from a lot of synthesizers and puppet players.

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