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My father yesterday proved to me that just his presence in the house changes me. I was in a fine mood. Within 5 minutes of him stepping foot in the house, I was tense, uncommunicative, and snappish. Just thinking about it makes my shoulders raise up.
It's not as if this is news.
Not at all.

I'm well aware of the fact that he makes me tense. That's 100% learned behavior.
Father home = Bad shit is about to happen= be on guard.

My wisdom tooth is kind of killing me. I've noticed that all these people have recently added me to their friends lists and I have to wonder if it isn't because of my fucking user icon. It probably is. What a *lousy* reason.

I'm a little blank today. But I went to bed with this enormous smile on my face last night.
Because Chad does that to me.

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