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I *am* *so* *very* *full*
I ate too much.

But it was soooo good.
I'm mainly vegetarian. I'll eat fish, I'll sometimes eat chicken, but me actually enjoying eating anything beef or pork is very very rare.
But it's St. Pat's. So, in addition to the lovely soda bread we had corned beef and cabbage. I *love* corned beef. I can't help it. It's so so good.

Going through journals and communities today. I've either decided that I am a talentless idiot who should just quit trying and go get a job at a convenience store and be done with it. OR that if I just give myself half a chance, I'll get to a point where I'm *proud* of what I do...
It really just depends on which five seconds you're asking me in.

OH and I've decided that Akadashi is a freakin weirdo


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