A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

SO far today

I washed the manburger again because he is just a stinky foo.
Reeks like rotten hell sometimes. But he's getting his cast off today. So he can wash his stinky self now. well, sort of. He can sit in a tub now. The only problem is, he's gonna need help getting in and out. I *know* that sean won't help the naked cripple. Tim *might* but only if I really really can't do it.
SO I think I'm gonna have to really really not be able to do it.
you know, just serves um right and stuff.

I caught Plug wandering around in the the garage.
He just got back into his grandma's custody, his mom is back in jail, and he's already being the odd one. I don't think he was attempting to steal anything, but he will be over here in a few days asking to borrow stuff. What the hell, man. 12 years old and he's just been screwed over soooo many times. But he's generally alright. A lil odd in spots and he can be a complete jackass in the wrong company, but when he's by himself he's pretty coo.
I just hope he's alright, in the long run. Beh, sitting here worrying about a neighborhood kid.

Marcus, the five year old next door helped me weed the garden. And he actually *helped*...
His father still doesn't like the fact that he hangs out with me... not really sure why exactly, but he just doesn't like it.... but Dad was gone and mom was home and the mom digs me. She had Iana out there too. barely able to walk, big light coco curls and big green eyes just... smilin at everything.

If I ever have kids, it's gonna have to be with a black guy.
cafe con leche bebes.

I had really damned odd dreams last night. I blame certain people for that, given their late night conversations.
(yak abortions.... oh yeah.... )
But it was all good, really.

I've been thinking about that busy signal I got when I called Jason.
Maybe he really isn't there and okay. Maybe the people he shares the house with were just online or the new renter was online. Maybe he's just not living there anymore. Maybe he never did find another job and unemployment meant cancelling his phone line. Maybe he tried to kill himself, changed his mind at the last minute and went for the phone but died before he could dial and the people who live upstairs just haven't had a reason to go to the basement yet, because they never really saw a lot of Jason anyway and as long as the heater was working there was no reason to go downstairs. Maybe he went psycho, killed everyone in the house and offed himself with the phone off the hook and it's just taking forever for anyone to notice becuase the house is way the hell out in Bristow and hell, who goes way out there?

But he was probably just playing eversmack.
This is why people get 3 am phone calls ya know.
This is how my brain works.
Or uh .. doesn't work... depends on how ya look at it.
Grr bleh.

Been taking pictures of flowers all day.
And trying to read "Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man" by Susan Faludi.
It's interesting... but not 600+ pages worth of interesting.

More later, I am sure.

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