A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I've never been able to get a connection above 26.4K from this house.
I say house because it's the line noise. No, really... it's the line noise. I've tested it and crap. ::Nods::
But last night I got a connection of 48K
And it felt good, dammit.
I'm clearing up some of my debt, then I need to get some stuff and mail some stuff and buy some other stuff.

And I need to figure out soon if Chad is moving here or I am moving there or what.
I'm kind of baffled with this decision. Because, as I told Gates the other day, I've realized that I'm a grown up and that I have *no clue* what I'm doing.

My sister made a vague offer of help... but I need to talk to her about that.
And the first step in talking to my sister about anything is to talk to my mom about talking to her.
Because... well... my sister is insane and it's hard to talk to her and even harder to ask for help.
But she's family, and I have no use for pride.

And I'm going to ask alla you again.. still.. anything geek you find, let me know... any advice on what to do? hell... let me know ::shrug::
It can't hurt.

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