A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

My sister has preternaturally bad smelling feet. Not a horrendous reek or anything. Not anything that's going to make you vomit at first whiff. Just this slow, creeping, slightly nauseating smell. Something like the *quality* (but not the tone) of the smell of rotting beef fat. ::nods::
I used to just think it was the shoes she wore. You know how sometimes the shoes pick up the foot sweat funk and trap it in there, so that it really is the SHOES that make your feet smell, not your feet? I thought it might be the shoes. Those cheap little pseudo-keds that she wore to work. My sister is a prep of the old school. The 80s sort of prep. She's 33.
She wears very very fitting jeans that stop right at her ankles, socks that match her shirt, and lil white tennis shoes.

And her feet radiate an ill funk.
Her foot odor would make just about anyone feel positively confident about wether or not their feet smell.
Her foot stink FILLS THE ROOM.
You can walk into the house and know that Wendy is here, and that her shoes are off.

She's not here right now.
But her lingering stink is.
Kinda makes me wish I had a head cold.

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