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Mar. 25th, 2002

UPS will deliver something late, but they'll never deliver something EARLY.
Very annoying, not suprising.
I've been ripping CDs and the list is, quite frankly, kind of impressive.
And I rediscovered some things I haven't listened to in years. Things I really loved.

I've been feeling pretty quiet today. Not in a shoved down way. Just in a nice, mellow, quiet way.
But there's a thing on TV about schizophrenia. And that makes me think about Sean. And there is such a huge sadness attached to that.
It's a *clean* sadness though.
Does that make sense? It's the same sadness I feel with Tom, in a way.
It's a sadness without regrets, because they both knew just how I felt about them.
There aren't any "if onlys" attached to their memories.

And I'm in love.
And things are looking up, maybe.
But I'm being very reserved with it.
Doing it more job searching para Chad.

and I find things like http://www.wrongcrowd.com/links.shtm and I find it so bizarre that you can see so much about someone from their links page. I mean ... this guy enjoys fish tanks, old school arcade games, Fantasy art, small business building, Buffy, phtography, car audio, cars, copying DVDs, "hacking", Macs, (heheh.. you can't hack things with a MAC), console gaming, online gaming, webcams, guns, history, ferrets, Ham radios, sattelite TV, online shopping and strange info about the city of Seattle, and that's just skimming the surface!
The guy has a total of 825 bookmarks.
How much time can a person have, dude?


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Mar. 25th, 2002 09:04 pm (UTC)
a-HEM. (he says from his MAC...)
Mar. 26th, 2002 08:36 am (UTC)
Macs are nifty for a lot of things, but you can't play hacker on a mac, dammit. Unless you're in the MOVIE "Hackers".. but we'll just add that to the list of things that were wrong with that movie.
Mar. 26th, 2002 11:17 am (UTC)
Macs run unix now, dear.

But I retract, as I clearly couldn't hack anything on the hackingist day of my life with an automatic hacking machine.
Mar. 26th, 2002 11:39 am (UTC)
I'm well aware of that, schnookums.

But I think you'd still be hard pressed to find a hacker (defcon, former phone phreak, card kiting, info stealing, hardcore old school type.. not "We Fux0r3d UR P4G3!" types) who actually uses macs for the purpose.
Mar. 26th, 2002 09:03 pm (UTC)
Hey, I used to program with punch cards, young lady!

/me waves cane around randomly, knocking things off shelves at the supermarket
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