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I've started reading The Broom of the System, courtesy of luvrhino and I absolutely adore it, thus far. He was right. I should have read it years ago.
Frequent and Vigorous publishing.
The sex dream with Queen Victoria says "We are not aroused"
The Great Ohio Desert.
It's wonderful, as all of David Foster Wallace's books tend to be.

I'm feeling detached sooo quickly. The flashiness from the aura is gone, but the weird blankness in the peripheral is still there so I've got this odd, spaced yet horribly intently focused feeling.

I don't think the music is helping either. Neither is attempting to put in a cd and finding out that you've already got one in there and getting a frightening-oh-fuck-did-I-just-break-my-new-burner feeling.

And since I installed IE 6.0 windows media player has decided to take over for winamp.
I have to find where to change that or it will eventually drive me insane.


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Mar. 26th, 2002 02:36 pm (UTC)
Winamp > Options > Preferences > File types

From there you can pick the ones you want Winamp to handle or simply use "Select all".

You can also click "Maintain file associations" in the Agent prefs as an added measure.

Greedy MS cocks. Gettin' all take-overy and shit. Grrrrr...
Mar. 26th, 2002 04:30 pm (UTC)
It isn't file associations, it's the autoplay.
But I already tried that one too.

It isn't just MS.. everytime I end up with Quicktime, it takes over everything too.

It's so evil
Mar. 26th, 2002 05:06 pm (UTC)
Fortunately, i read BotS before Danny named his penis Vlad the Impaler

While i thought you'd adore The Broom of the System, but i was somewhat concerned that i had raised your expectations too high. Even though it's one of my three favorite novels, it does have several areas open to criticism: it's pretentious, it's overly cute (i.e. Frequent and Vigorous, Candy Mandible, etc.), and it doesn't have the greatest, most cohesive plot ever conceived.

Then again, you've never been one to disparage the pretentious and overly cute.

After all, you like me...
Mar. 27th, 2002 08:37 am (UTC)
Cute, Pretentious, Humble....
It *is* over the top... but then, aren't all his things?
I mean .. Incandenza sr. kills himself with a mircrowave in Infinite Jest and there's that whole... canada is our industrial waste site thing.

Mar. 27th, 2002 10:04 am (UTC)
it's tough being the real PGOAT
Cute, Pretentious, Humble....

I am all those things, aren't i?

Fuck, i'm awesome.

and there's that whole... canada is our industrial waste site thing

Is Quebec being a toxic waste dump really that big of a stretch?

C'mon, Cannucks are Canadians who want to be like the French...turning Quebec into an official dump was the best idea in the book.
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