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I've started reading The Broom of the System, courtesy of luvrhino and I absolutely adore it, thus far. He was right. I should have read it years ago.
Frequent and Vigorous publishing.
The sex dream with Queen Victoria says "We are not aroused"
The Great Ohio Desert.
It's wonderful, as all of David Foster Wallace's books tend to be.

I'm feeling detached sooo quickly. The flashiness from the aura is gone, but the weird blankness in the peripheral is still there so I've got this odd, spaced yet horribly intently focused feeling.

I don't think the music is helping either. Neither is attempting to put in a cd and finding out that you've already got one in there and getting a frightening-oh-fuck-did-I-just-break-my-new-burner feeling.

And since I installed IE 6.0 windows media player has decided to take over for winamp.
I have to find where to change that or it will eventually drive me insane.

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