A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Green Party Activists Kills 8 people at a city council meeting in France

A study from New Jersey says black people speed more

Freaky black blob just... POPPED UP near florida

Suspicious (in my mind, and in Chad's) earthquake centered 100 miles outside of Kabull in northern Afghanistan... one of the few areas of active fighting left in this "war"
Seems a little freaking convenient, yes no?
hehe. We're such conspiracy theorists.

Just seems freaky to me that this would come right after they were talking about finalising he plans (or the testing... I don't remember) on a nuke that would burrow to a certain depth before detonating, thus ripping out everything on an even plane with the blast center of the warhead.
I've just seen too many things where the government does nefarious things and pretends it didn't happen until years later when they've been smacked again and again with the irrefutale proof of it. Everything from secret bombings to allowing syphillus to run rampant in a test group of black men while telling them they were being treated all for the purpose if finding out if the disease acted differently in someone of a different race.
There is no convincing me that that is valid medical research.
No more valid than Mengel's gynocological experiments during WW2

I'm in a weird ranty mood.

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