A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

wookit the widdle sailors.
Most of them not even bothering to stand at attention.
And then that one in the middle hehehe.. he's only doing that weird thing with his arms becuase there's a camera on him.
The do NOT stand at full, strong attention the entire way into port. From the time they become visible to the time they're actually allowed to get ready to come down can sometimes be around an hour.

Very very very tired.
Even after I went up to bed around 4 (I had to give up! i'm sorry!) I laid in bed exhausted for about an hour before I really fell asleep. But in that time I saw a kyle minouge video and I have to ask .... what is her appeal?
She doesn't have a great voice,
She's got a rail thin sort of body with a decided lack of *oomph*...
And in certain of her shots she has a rather horsey face.

So someone explain it to me.

(I think it's just because she's so willing to get nude.

Is it just because she has no tits, she has no ass and she's really really skinny?
In that video, her ribs and breastbone show in her cleavage. ::shudder::

When are men going to get back to thinking women are hot instead of thinking 10 year old boys in make up are hot?

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