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Mar. 30th, 2002

The Post:

"A 24 year old Mexican woman was detained by immigration officials Thursday when it was discovered that she was trying to enter the country on someone elses work visa. Authorities questioned the validity of the visa when they noticed the woman's obvious pregnancy. "She looked like she was due to deliver any day. And, we all wondered why she would be crossing the border to work in her condition." , stated the officer in charge. When the woman was placed into custody, she began to complain of labor pains and was taken to an area hospital. Once at the hospital, she was examined by physicians and it was determined that she was not in labor at all; she wasn't even close to her due date. Instead, she was carrying 24 week quadruplets. Her family physician in Mexico advised her that she should try to reach America as soon as possible, as her risk for premature labor and the size of the quadruplets would surely cause her to deliver early. Here's the part I SHAKE MY HEAD AT. According to the article, the woman is not poor. She conceived these multiples through artificial insemination. She left her home in Mexico because her husband didn't think Mexican facilities were capable of handling such a complicated birth. Furthermore, they had been informed by their family physician, in Mexico, that having the babies in America would immediately entitle them to free health care, therefore eliminating all cost to the parents.

HOW WRONG IS THIS???? I can see wanting your children to have the best possible care. But, come on...."

Some of the responses...

Boot her ass back over the border...

:-) Well, you know...if she was some poor sap who accidently found herself preggo with quads, by some act of nature, then I might have a little sympathy... But, she went through fertility treatments to get that way for heaven's sake...

They try to sneak in thirty in a van or four in a person...

Will they never give it up?


I agree. She went off and made herself get pregnant, then instead of getting a real visa or something she nicks someone elses.. and a work visa, 'sif they're going to let a heavily pregnant woman work.



Rich, poor, who gives a damn. Boot her ass back to Mexico.


What a crock!

boot her all the way back to mexico...


Not the post.
The opinions expressed in the comments. "boot her ass back to mexico"
It's not so outlandish in the scenario given, but in most of the other things I've heard I can't believe the callousness of most of the people in this country in regard to illegal aliens.
"They're taking all our jobs!" Jobs you don't want and won't work when the migrant labor gets 'booted back to mexico'.
"They're inflating our health care costs!" If we demanded more responsible pricing practices on the part of the health industry, the drug companies, and the hospitals, that would be a huge step forward in figuring out that our heath care costs are inflated because, well... they CAN BE.
What are going to do? Boycott? Take up home surgery as a nation? Get more into wholistic, herb based remedies? Yeah, right.
It flabbergasts me that the massively right wing, massively christian anti-illegal immigrant contingent who slide all the world under their moral microscopes can, without any compunction, state that we need to boot these people back to their homelands.
Love thy neighbor... unless you think that they're impeding on your way of life, in which case, show no mercy.

Even if it *weren't* for that hypocritical double standard, the whole notion of staunch borders irritates me.
This country was (in my opinion) built on the backs of the hard working immigrant. Legal or not. They've got more of the spirit we claim to be made of than just about any of us native born assholes.


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Mar. 30th, 2002 08:34 pm (UTC)
It's protected. You've made that poor little... um... whatever the poor little innocent is, protect their entry, with your nastiness and derision. You bad, bad person.

Kinda funny... what with the I-9 stuff, illegals can't get anything but REALLY shit jobs these days, picking fruit or whatever. I want to see some of those little whiners out there, climbing up into the apple trees on rickety old ladders, making sure to get every last one and not drop any lest they get their pay docked... yeah! Work, you little bastards, work!
Mar. 30th, 2002 08:45 pm (UTC)
Ahhh.. I forgot.. it was protected before.. I'll just copy the text.
I don't understand the people who post protected entries to debate.
Maybe they just don't want their other friends knowing that they're raging asses.
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