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I had the MOST ANNOYING pop up from insanity yesterday.
It was minimized on my task bar until I attempted to right click close it.
Then it froze me up for a second with spawning windows and created a faux task bar that covered my own. Clicking ANYWHERE on it propelled you to the site for which the ad was made. Insane. Pure insane, forced ad bullshit.
it's not insanity's fault. It's Everyone.net's fault. They're the mail and ad provider.
I had to ctrl/alt/delete in order to close the damned thing through the task manager window. Bleh.
I should have seen what site it was and bombard them with pissed off mail. Not that it matters, really. But it would have been oddly satisfying.

Jubilant celebration or Homo-erotic tensions finally getting the bes of these two young men? There's only so long you can ache for someone's loins without acting, ya know.
And the guy on the bottom must have been aching right back. See how *happy* he is?

I read obituaries and I sometimes post the ones that I find funny. Yeah, I know... I am horrible. It's sick and disgusting to find humor in an obituary... blah blah blah.
But they're sometimes just FUNNY.
The one below was particularly wonderful, the first paragraph and then the follow LENGTH was amazing. The thing is.. it appeared april first. If I didn't think that my local paper is too nice to do something.. you'd have to think it was an april fool's joke.

Marie L. Darr
VIRGINIA BEACH -- On Sunday morning, March 24, 2002, the Lord reached down to earth cradling his disciple, Marie Louise Darr, with his tender, loving hands taking her to be with him in heaven. He said, you have labored tirelessly for so long teaching others through your words and deeds what I have taught you; you spread my word, helped the sick and disabled, listened to those who needed a kind ear, provided strength to those in suffering, and loved all of my children. It is time for your own suffering to end and to become an angel with me in heaven.

Louise was born in New Market, Va., April 7, 1920, with her twin brother, Orin, to Pamley Virginia Shaffer and Jacob Sisler. Her life shifted from the beauty of the Shenandoah Mountains north to the town of Westminster, Md. She grew up living in the country surrounded by family and friends. When she was old enough, she helped the war effort by working in a defense factory. Later, she changed positions to work in the coat factory where many of her friends and relatives would hold positions. She enjoyed her life in Westminster.

In the late 1940s, she caught the eye of Edward Charles Darr, a sailor in the U.S. Navy, who was also a resident of Westminster. They dated for several years until they married on Sept. 2, 1950. On Jan. 24, 1952, they were blessed with their first child, Dale Edward. A year later, on April 8, 1953, they were blessed with their second, and last child, Michael Orin. Leading a Navy life meant reassignment every couple of years. Louise made a home, in their early years, in Westminster while Ed transferred from Norfolk to Bainbridge, Md., to Kamyasaya, Japan, then to Washington, D.C. During this time of her life, Louise found the Lord and served him faithfully the rest of her life.

In 1960, the family packed up, said good-bye to family and friends and moved 5000 miles to Honolulu, Hawaii. Living far from their relatives was difficult to this young family but they enjoyed God's beautiful splendor in this land they call paradise and made many endearing and lasting friendships. In 1963, they moved back to the Mainland to Virginia Beach, where she lived the rest of her life as a loving wife and mother. She joined the Princess Anne Plaza United Methodist Church as a charter member in 1967 and remained loyal to the church for 37 years as a volunteer whenever she was able.

Louise is survived by her loving husband of 51 years, Edward Charles Darr; her sons and their wives, Dale and Barbara Darr of Virginia Beach, and Michael and Debra Darr of Virginia Beach; her wonderful grandchildren, whom she adored, Morgan and Makenzi; her brother, Calvin Bynaker; sisters, Helen Gesell and Dorothy Minnick; and many nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Louise was predeceased by her parents, Pamley and Jacob; her sister, Grace Shorb; and brothers, Orin Sisler, John Bynaker, Richard Bynaker, Roy Bynaker and William Bynaker.

A memorial service will be held at Princess Anne Plaza United Methodist Church, 208 S. Plaza Trail, Virginia Beach, Saturday, April 6, at 6 p.m. The family will receive friends after the service in a reception hall of the church. Louise's ashes will be interred in Arlingtion National Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Princess Anne Plaza United Methodist Church in the name of Marie Louise Darr.

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