A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

You should go here and listen to this band

I am actually honestly impressed with the guitarist and the bass player.
The singer is.. well ... ER... not great. And the drummer is pretty good too.
I've only listened to the one song thus far, but I'm suprised. Most local, gigging around the area kind of bands aren't even this polished. At all. Most of them are very very rough and *obviously* just a garage band deal type thing.
You can tell the singer's about 18, 19 years old.. very nasal.
These songs deserve more of a full voice than a pre-pubescant whine. But I find that's common with even the start up hardcore bands. The singers all sound like the frontman to Cannibal Corpse or the front man to the Get Up Kids. Never do they find that happy medium.

Oh, and guys... PUT SOME INFO ON YOUR MP3 page.
You have club dates.. put them up there. put up band info. You already have content online.. just copy it over to the MP3 side. I didn't even SEE that lil link up at the top of the page until I went back and looked several times.

A lil bit of promotion goes a long long way. ::nods::

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