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My left hand is killing me.
This is what I get for developing early carpal tunnel issues and then trying to play UT when I haven't played it in months.
The other day, Karl and I were talking about First person shooters and I was reminded how much I love that damned game. Well.
I suck at it now.
Hardcore SUCK at it.

I'm very tired... so that might have something to do with it.. but dear LORD was that pitiful.

And if my hand didn't hurt so much, I'd go back and keep playing til I had no problem beating the inhuman bots again.

Does this make me old?

Besides that, I edited a whole bunch of GIR wavs and kind of went nuts with the noises. So much so that within 10 minutes of placing them all, I had to go back and get rid of some of them. I uh .. I put them on EVERYTHING.
and that's just a bit much.
Sure.. GIR saying "I made it myself!" Everytime a menu pops up is neat and all .. but uh .. I have windows. Everything is menus. It was just TOOO much.

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