A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

How veeerrry interesting.
Chad is involved in a class action suit with Microsoft over treatment of their contractors (they treated them like employees instead of contractors and they gave them no stock benefit and Chad worked there in the time period it covered so he was automatically included), and Microsoft has settled, but some of the people involved are countersuing the settlement in order to get a bigger cut of the money. So, even though this has been settled for a year and the money is in the hands of the accounting firm who will distribute, it's being held up again because one of the original claimants has decided he just wasn't get enough of the money. (Despite the original claimants recieving something like $1 million each)
And I just got a huge bundle of paper work from Kmart listing me as a creditor in their bankruptcy dealings.
But, I don't understand why. I worked there from august of 99 to about march of 01 and then again from to june of 01 to september of 01. There is automatic inclusion in their stock holdings, and they keep you aprised of the value. But the yield was always almost nothing and I never did anything with it and never got involved in their retirement programs.

Soooo.. I'm a lil baffled.
But I have a lot of papers to read through now.
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