A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I'm one scattered lil monkey. I'm sipping coffee in some strange attempt at levelling it all out but I don't think that will work.
And, I've just gotten into the habit again of drinking coffee at night.
I'm ripping CDs for Chad. if I had a hell of a lot more hard drive space this would be a much simpler proposition.
I could clear off a drive... at least 4gigs worth... and just rip the vast majority of this, arrange it into CD groups with the appropriate amount of storage kept in mind and then burn them all.
Then the odds and ends would just fall into place.
But no... it is not to be. I have to decide vaguely what gets grouped together, rip it, burn it, and delete it.
And then repeat.
I've done 4 cds of music, one of pictures, and have about 50 more cds (at least) to rip and burn.
But the sick thing I've discovered is.. I *enjoy* doing this.
I like knowing that I'm putting all these things together and burning them and sending them off and that most of the music will be very appreciated. ::nods::
Tom Waits, Bob Marley, NIN, They Might Be Giants, Morphine, Sublime, The Beattles, Nina Simone..... hehe... I'm so stunned when I hear people talk about music most of the time.
They like THIS THING and THIS ALONE and won't even consider anything else.
It's disgusting and pretty frightening to hear most people talk about music with their narrow little definitions of what's 'good' or not.
And if you can get these people to listen to anything else it's only through much much harrangueing. :::Sigh:::

I dunno.

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