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I don't know if I need a lover or a friend or just someone to hold onto my feet while I try to do handstands in the street.
I think I need rest.
I think I don't WANT to rest.
I think that what I need is a good long soak in a better kind of bathtub with some bubbles that hang around for more than a few seconds.
I need these older married men to stop trying to step in and fix my life.
I need to act my age and have more water gun fights. I got too serious too quick and it has kicked up one hell of a temper tantrum.
And the groove soundtrack is just too damned mellow.
I need some booty shaking music.
You know.. so i can sleep

I'm heading out to california.
or maybe england.
I'm getting out of here, dammit. I have to believe that.
Even if it's only temporary. I need another life altering experience.
one that isn't death. One that isn't mayhem. One that isn't heartbreak

i desperately need OUT OUT OUT.

where's the damned circus when you need it?
can you still run away with the circus?


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