A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I'm wearing the just-this-side-of-uncomfortably-tight-jeans because I'm doing landry and they were clean.
They're one of those bizarre mis-cuts that happen occasionally.
All my jeans are the same size. And they all fit me differently. Two of them are a different cut from the others but the other 4 pairs are all ostensibly the same cut and design.
They all fit differently.

These... these are the tight ones. And if I sit too long they leave red lines just above my hip bones from the stiff fabric digging in.
Normally, this would serve to make me feel bloated and ungainly... BIG... but now it's just serving to remind me why the hell I avoid this pair of jeans.

There is this Ashley Judd movie... "Someone Like You"... it's a romantic comedy thing with Greg Kinear and Hugh Jackman. Normally, I wouldn't have watched it at all but it was on the other night when my sister was here, and that is definitely her sort of movie.

It's actually good. Due mostly to the fact that Ashley Judd is an incredibly good actress (and probably due to how intelligent she is. Catch her in an interview sometime... she's astoundingly intelligent and that sort of thing will just about always make me like you more).
The story is pretty transparent.. had to have the happy ending with the swell of music and all. That's why people like my sister like it. She also really likes prime time sit coms ::nods::
Not that there is anything *particularly wrong with that.. it's just another piece in a pie of enjoying (what I deem to be) mediocrity.

I want to beat the crap out of Ozzy Osbourne's son. He desperately needs it.
He *needs* it.
This is a child screaming out for corporal punishment.

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