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I think I am the queen of psychosomatically induced illnesses.
When I was in junior high, I was in chorus. At first it was just the usual chorus and then there was an afterschool group called "girls chorus" (that wasn't a girls chorus because there were 3 boys) that I did 3 days a week and for competitions. It was adopted the next year as an actual class called treble choir (soprano I, soprano II, alto I, alto II).
We did a medley of Oliver stuff for competition. I had a solo for "Who will buy". I sang alto, it was definitely a soprano portion, but for some reason I got the part. I guess I can just pull off the falsetto thing.
The whole week before the competition I had a hideous cold, sore throat, and I could only croak when I talked. However, when it came time to sing, I did it just right with no problems and by that afternoon the cold was gone.
This happened the next year when I was in madrigals and had concerts and competitions. Every single solo performance (and for some fucking reason I had a lot of them) I would be deathly ill right before hand.
Then in high school I got all involved in drama and the same pattern repeated.
My favorite being playing the nurse in R&J... I had to bellow "JULIET" at the top of my lungs. It had to be LOUD and ABRASIVE. It had to be impressively large. I can project quite a bit. I have a big, full voice.
Right up until I went on stage I was so sick that I couldn't force even warm weak tea down my throat. I was coughing to the point that I'd broken capillaries in my throat and I was spitting up blood constantly.
I got out on stage, the lights came up, I bellowed a huge bellow and you'd have never ever known that anything had been wrong. As soon as that first long babble about weening juliet from breast feeding (the nipple of my dug, by golly) I didn't cough again for the entire 2 week run (matinees are cool as they get you out of class, but a pain because they're fieldtrips for the kiddies in the audience) nor did I have that problem when we performed it as the opener at the state conference.

But usually when I get really stressed out that's when I get sick. When I've got stuff going on in my head that is just not stopping.
When Jason was harassing me.
When Tom died and Mister Questions had just basically told me to fuck off and I was taking care of Mike around the clock and Tim and Sean were pseudo fighting over me... hehe.. suffice it to say that I got *really* sick.
Almost dead kind of sick.
Doctor said so.

I don't really know if this is psychosomatic sick. I just know that my throat is absolutely killing me and I've got that weird fatigued yet restless thing going on.
I know I should be sipping tea and laying down but, well, I've never been very good at taking care of myself.

The tradition continues.

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