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Am I totally insane for considering this?
I think I just may be.
But I think I would actually really honestly enjoy it.
Fuck knows I do it enough. You can hardly be in my presence without me massaging you somewhere... I meant like your neck or hands or.. what were you ... Oooooh .. BAD! </akadashi>

hmmm I dunno. I know I need to do something with myself and I think it would be helpful if that something led to gainful employment.
I really can't see being a geek professionally, first of all because I'm not that good at it (and I mean in the inherent goodness sort of way) and secondly because I'm just not sure if that's what I want.

I'm hoping that these MP3s I'm listening to are fucked up because they're the old ones I ripped and not because I fucked up the 6 cds worth I've already done. I will be pissed.
This ticking noise must go.
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