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I don't know how this works.

Free Will Astrology always seems to say the thing that hits me the most. Just for being the most unlikely source.

Some years ago, urban shaman Donna Henes conjured up a three-week ceremony called "Dressing Our Wounds in Warm Clothes." Equal parts performance art and healing ritual, it was staged at the Manhattan Psychiatric Center on Ward's Island, a scrap of land that also hosts a sewage disposal plant. In its ambition, the event rivaled Mother Teresa's well-publicized toilet cleaning at a leper colony. I bring Henes' noble act of creativity to your attention, Sagittarius, because you'd be smart to draw inspiration from it. The astrological omens suggest it's a perfect time to salve your worst booboos with artful ingenuity.

But I'm the one who said 'enough'... I don't get to feel pain here, right?
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