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Has anyone seen Orlando?
Will used to like to watch it with me because there's a redhead in it who's nude for about a minute.
So yeah.
Has anyone who isn't a complete troglodyte seen Orlando?

It's absolutely beautiful. I realize it was a Virginia Woolf story. But that's no reason to hate the film adapation.
No, really.
Give it a shot.

I've been told I have to see Nadja, because Karl insists that it's just fucking brilliant.
So I will make every effort to see Nadja.
And for other obscureness, we discovered tonight that we've both seen and thoroughly enjoyed Arizona Dream, and if that isn't weird enough, he's not gay either.

I can't sleep. That's nothing new. That's a pretty common thing. But this is a new kind of can't sleep.
I feel generally okay. But I can't actually *fall* asleep until I'm totally exhausted and then I wake up early.
Fall asleep at 4 am... wake up at 9.
And restless sleep as well. Waking up with the pillows on the floor and the sheets wrapped around my legs.
I'm just very very tired.
and I'm sleepy too.


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Apr. 20th, 2002 08:39 am (UTC)
You should hold off on Nadja until you're in town again. It's beautifully filmed, the soundtrack is wonderful, and the whole thing deserves the big screen / surround sound / etc. treatment, especially the first time you see it.

Ask Alicia. I showed it to her here and the made me make a copy for her. Threatened me with a urine-soaked hammer, she did. I think that was the Tank Girl - Mortal Kombat - Nadja night, wasn't it?

Hmmm. Think I'm gonna go try and hack my ReplayTV box and see if I get get some Zim episodes off of it...
Apr. 20th, 2002 11:10 pm (UTC)
I don't know if I like Nadja as much, but it is fun. It's sort of like a Hal Hartley vampire film that happens not to be by Hal Hartley.

I also like the new film that is, actually, by Hal Hartley, No Such Thing. God knows if it'll ever play anywhere but the arthouse in the village, though...
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