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grar... I keep getting drawn over to look.. but still just.. FUCK YOU.

You didn't even do anything... you just fucking piss me off with your pseudo-lying-through-omission-martyr bullshit.

I'm going to go back to cleaning again.

Then, maybe later, I'll suck Karl's cock and get him to be my *boyfriend* so he can buy me stuff and entertain me and do things for me until I get bored with him and how much he does for me and start up the wandering eyes and then I'll dump him and find someone else.

That's *everything* that I'm about ya know?

fucking idiots.

the things is, I cant even be like... seriously pissed... because it's just so *dumb* and *blind* and if that's the quality of perception he's got going on, than I know for YET ANOTHER REASON I did the right thing.

Just steadily smacking myself for being a blind idiot for a fucking year.

cutthroat is kind of how I feel.

cutthroat is probably how I'll act.
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