A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

The kitty is sleeping on the subwoofer under the table here. and the other two are sitting in the middle of the floor... just staring at me.

I think I make them uncomfy or something.

I'm trying to wake up a lil, drinking coffee, putzing around....

I've had even more incredibly good wine.
The night before last I had Mclaren Vale sauvingon blanc (which has the odd 'sub title' of "The Broken Fish Plate"), last night I had conundrum, this really fucking interesting white californian wine that apparently isn't made the same way twice. I think Karl is the only wine lover on my friends list, but it was the 2000. ::nods:: And then, after the Conundrum we had this KICK YOUR HEAD IN Shiraz Granache also from Mclaren Vale, d'Arry's Original.

Now, I feel like a big ol freak for getting into the wine thing and the terminology and so forth, and I really haven't as of yet... that would be scary...
But that wine had the most incredibly huge body and layered nose and .. it was just WOW.

I think it was too much of a wine for me, but it was incredible.

And I actually had to run around the house in order to find the bottles and make sure I was reporting accurately.
Heheh... I can't remember names.

Thus far, Australia seems to be the big hit with the wines. ::nods::

I ... I am devistatingly boring.


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