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Does anyone remember...

Thinking too much.
brain overflow.
I just told Chuck "Kushma Lavin" (very very phonetic).
That was good because in about 10 minutes he'll be sending me an offlist mail asking what the hell that means. And I will be evasive as all fuck. And he will get annoyed.

I've been thinking about this discontent. And it's all on my shoulders. I'm the impetus, I'm the spark, and I'm the push. And no one should be blaming anyone but me. But of course, even if that happens, damage done. I fucked up somehow just being me and that's a hard bit of shit to realize.
Just want some bandaids big enough to stop the wounds from seeping on one side and the venom from flowing on the other.
They don't even have to have cartoon characters on them or be medicated.
Torniquet, por favor, mah bruthas.
adore you both.
so cut your shit and find words that mean more than your hate or bafflement.

My mouth hurts.
Probably from where I keep biting my tongue.

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