A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

By the way... The screwtop wine in this post bears explaining.
Karl did not purposefully purchase screwtop wine.
He wanted me to be CLEAR about this.

We went to the Curious Grape. The gentleman there suggested this one as one of Karl's purchases. Nice Sauvingon Blanc with passionfruit flavors, he said.
We had a bottle that Karl already had that was very good. Then, down in the wine cellar in the semi-dark, we found this suggested bottle, he tried to cut the foil off the top with the little foil cutters. He thought he got it off, but there was still metal there. So, he started to cut again and got it off this time.. but there was no cork. NO CORK.
Could they have possibly fucked up and FORGOTTEN A CORK? I think not.
So then he took a good look at the "foil" and discovered that it was actually a screwtop.

This was very strange, but we tried the wine anyway because that doesn't necessarily mean anything. ::shrug::

But it was pretty icky.

Karl did not knowingly purchase screwtop wine.
I just need to make that clear.

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