A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I am thankful for herbal up time.
I am thankful for yellowjackets. mmmm ephedrine...
I am thankful for my nice smelling shampoo and my lavendar soap.
I am thankful for always knowing where my toothbrush is.
I am thankful for the fresh ground coffee that I so thoughtfully ground yesterday afternoon so I didn't have to do it this morning.
I am thankful for these early mornings before the day is getting sluggish.
I am thankful for Rhett for keeping me giggling like a demented, drunk, french whore all night. Over the *phone* even.
I am actually THANKFUL that I can't find the snatch soundtrack. I have the case, but can't find the cd and I know that I would look back on bellowing out "Hernando's Hideaway" to my invisible tango partner has being horribly uncouth.
He should sing to me, really.
I am thankful that no one reads this.
I am thankful that the coffee is almost done brewing.
And yeah, i'm thankful for you too, demented gato with the issues about food and the freaking twist tie fetish. (That's the third one I've wrestled away from him since yesterday evening. I don't even HAVE twist ties.. i dunno where he keeps getting them from)
I am thankful for this awesome mood I am in.
I am thankful for the insomnia that caused it.
I am thankful that I am a neurotic basketcase who breeds hate and discontent.
I am also thankful that I am a neurotic basketcase who makes people laugh until they snort.

I am THANKFUL for Mr. Questions. Because I realize now that he is so out of his depth with me. Too much to handle, even at a 1,000+ mile distance.

I am thankful that I remembered to buy cream yesterday.
I am thankful for Tom's father coming around and dredging up all these feelings. Ripping them out and examining them. Always probing for more.
I am thankful that he hasn't yet run away from the reality of his son or the reality of his son's death.
I am thankful that I am strong enough to deal with him and Tom and The Manburger, Mike.
I am thankful that I know that I cannot continue being strong for them indefinitely.
I am thankful for Devo.
I am thankful for this asshole talking to me right now.
I am thankful that I rang in the day with laughter.
I am thankful for the guy in the donut joint who gives me free stuff just because I used to give him change for the shop when I worked at the RETAIL CHAIN STORE OF **DOOM** just across the street from said shop.
I am thankful for my good memory.
(you're still reading this?! I'm horrified.)
I am THANKFUL that I finally scrubbed off that eye of horus I drew on myself a couple days ago.
I am thankful I haven't yet chosen a design for the next scar.
I am thankful that this coffee is sooooooo tasty.
I would be thankful for visine if I had any.
I would be thankful if I had the kind of train of thought necessary to not ramble on hideously about nothing for strangers and gawkers and passersby to stare at and cover their snickery little mouths while passing.
You know what I'm talking about...
You've seen him. Mine was at the Rosslyn station, just down the hill from my sister's place in Arlington. Most of the time he was just there, talking. I'd be on my way to Dupont or the zoo or.. well.. anywhere that wasn't the building larry king lived in. (urg)
And he'd sit there and jabber. But don't *dare* look at him. Oh no. He can scream all he likes, but if you look at him... it's some sort of affront. They other people, they knew this. They didn't put up signs. They didn't warn me. They saw it coming. I didn't just look. I looked into his eyes. I *waved* a lil *wave* at him, fer chrissakes...
I can't really say he got belligerent, because I think belligerence required actual words. He just bellowed this great, gutteral, deep from the cockles kind of... king of the jungle... roar at me.
But then he sat back down and went back to muttering.

And there was that one time he was playing with himself.

yes, there was a point dammit.
don't question me.
heh, well, you can question me, just don't expect answers that you could understand.

I really need to pinch this off here. flick out the cherry and save the butt for later. i'm just biding time until someone else gets up and I can make breakfasty foods.
This always happens when i stay up all night. If someone doesn't wake up soon I'm going to have to venture out to Tim and Sean's and wake them up and feed them pancakes just so I can stifle this urge.
hmm.. maybe waffles. or some greasy english fry up.

Or a cantelope.


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