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in the memory you'll find me...

There is nothing better than listening to music MAKES you sing you along as LOUD AS POSSIBLY CAN.
I'm screaming, hurting my throat, hurting my head. All caughty up in that bass and that voice, and those drums and GRRRRR. ah. I want to just scream and cry smile and laugh and hit stuff. and hug people and ...

Wow just exuberant as all hell.
And no, it's not the coffee, gaddamit, it's me. I'm just feeling this music so hard. I want *everyone* to hear it and know it. And identify and nod along, confirm it, verify, REPRESENT.
I can't get it loud enough.
I'm about to movie it upstairs and put on the *good* headphones. The studio sort that cover the whole ear and flip up.
Straight up stole these off of sean. I don't think he knows these are gone though. ANd gaddamn, I hope he never asks for them back. He's got like 4 other pairs, the lil turntable whore that he is.
Someone has been leaving me disturbed but happy and not wanting to disturb the disturbedness. If I start poking it with stick, the jelly fish is just gonna sting me, yo.
Don't want that. Can't have it.
Not gonna do it.
wouldn't be prudent.
So yeah.
You know who you are. I know you're reading this. You rock steady, sweets.
I'm but.. yah.. not it's all.. hmm. beh.
*pace pace pace*

wait shit, yo... John Ashcroft, Attorney General...
*off with the phones* ... talking about the death penalty.
I ... hmm... McVeigh...
You know, I realize this is horribly unpopular... but... had there been no deaths... Had that building been empty... I'd be applauding him. I would be the first one to stand up and clap and hoot and holler. I'd be the banner holder in the parades for him.
But he killed people.
He took so much life.
So selfishly.
So needlessly.
He took what could have been a beautiful and well overdue message/statement/wake up call and notice of dissent and turned in into pure and simple terrorism. He could have been noble, instead he let himself be just another terrorist. Just another act of destruction, devoid of purpose or meaning. 168 people died because of one man's arrogance. He's proud of the death. And he's proud of his part in it. And for that he is a monster.
I still have issues with the death penalty. And I don't think this is the right thing here. But I will never stop believing that McVeigh had a chance for greatness and fucked it up by being such a dumb and common human.
John Ashcroft is just letting everyone know that he's postponing McVeigh's execution a month so the defense can review some shit. Nothing points to him being innocent... Ashcroft doesn't want ANY doubt...
I'm ... astounded. I didn't think they'd postpone it.
I was sure it would be swift and firey and full of brimstone.
But the prosecution fucked up... didn't deliver documents. The FBI fucks up again.
Holleee poop balls. I just... GAH DAMN.

gotta go bury my head for ahwile, yo.

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