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Is MayDay somehow an unofficial "rip shit up with protest and discontent" day and I just wasn't aware of it?

I had a nice long talk with Jay last night. I missed him. I miss a lot of people, but him more than most.
He actually sent me mail. A long random rambly email about whatever was on the top of his head and I was pretty damned flattered that he thought of me.
Long rambly emails were a daily ritual 3 or so years ago when he and I talked more than any humans should be able to talk and not run out of things to say. 8 hour phone calls, 3 page emails daily, long rambly instant messages... there was just a huge, loud, audible click. ::nods::

Things are, of course, different now.
Neither of us are as political, both of us are a little more geek (him a hell of a lot more than me) and neither of us read as much as we used to.
That's okay though. Becuase he's still got an unholy vocabulary and the sarcastic cojones to use it.

I dunno.
It was just really cool talking to him in a real, honest, laid-bare brain sort of way again.

Today we're going wine shopping. My mom wants to take me out and let me pick out wine. I have no idea how to pick out wine.
So we're just going to try to find some Broken Fish Plate becuase I know it's tasty and wonderful and she'll like it. Buuuut, we'll see.
I might just say to hell with it and get my hair cut too.

In case you couldn't tell, I feel a hell of a lot better today.

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