A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

This is why I missed Jay

autokaotik: ::notes sarcastic use of extra letters, a la Dave Foley in the Sarcasm Man skit::

autokaotik: and now, having opened the window, turned off that computer, and taken my shirt off, I'm starting to get cold
autokaotik: WTF
autokaotik: will I never find "room temperature"?!

autokaotik: so, my latest procrastination project is migrating my server over to freebsd, and putting another box on the network as a dedicated NIDS, which'll require EVEN MORE CAT5 CABLE! Yay! I have nightmares of being strangled by the stuff
VertJustVert: as well you should. It's evil
VertJustVert: eeeeeeeeeeeeevil
autokaotik: that isn't very reassuring
autokaotik: I'm sure I'll sleep great tonight
autokaotik: THANKS
VertJustVert: you were going to sleep like shit anyway.. at least now it will have a direction
autokaotik: you don't know that
VertJustVert: oh but I do
autokaotik: tonight could have been the night
VertJustVert: heheh
autokaotik: the night I sleep like a baby
autokaotik: my hopes are now dashed
autokaotik: you horrible, horrible person

well, one of the reasons.

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