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And Ayn Rand can kiss my ass too.

Ace pear cider. it's just *good*.
I was going through photos earlier and there really are some very nice pics of the aquarium. I'm suprised at that, and still annoyed that that one roll decided to snap on me and be destroyed in the process. It just couldn't take the thought of being processed, exposed, so vulnerable.
So it just *snapped*.

I'm in a really odd, generally good, but really odd mood. Would be nice if there was someone to babble at. But all my babble at people are taking early nights or uhm... avoiding me? hell, I dunno what they're doing. They're doing something other than talk to me, that's all I know. That's not a bad thing. I already feel like I demand too much of people's time, patience, and concern. A lot of that is simple neurosis...which I readily admit.

I really want my ears to clear up. I hate feeling like there's a pillow strapped to my head. It sucked being sick the whole week I was in Annandale. I think I ended up being more grumpy and whiney than I really should have been simply because I felt like hell.

This guy who's campaigning for city counsel is a trip.
He has these commercials (he's the only candidate who has commercials besides the ultra goofy Jim Wood, who has different people (all ethnically correct groupings) answering questions with "Jim Would!" .. get it? get it? Get the joke? Aint it clever?) claiming that, if elected, he'll forfit his salary and put it into a trust to help disadvantaged kids in the city, with other people . Most of the campaigning posters around the city are simple, last name, bold colored, stating the position being run for. His are huge two sided deals with a big dynamic graphic, a photograph of himself with a big campaign smile, His name in red white and blue (" MADDOX") and some lil slogan.
This guy obviously has some cash to throw away on this thing.
And he worked with Gov. Allen on something or other.
That right there is enough to make him highly suspect.
Governor Allen was an asskissing freak super-ultra-right wing christian coalition loving guy who went way out of his way to push the pro-business agenda on an area that's already all about bending over and spreading wide for anyone who wants to build anything anywhere as long as the city gets a kick back.
Witness the 30 million dollar soccer stadium.

I dunno. Politics in general used to get me really firey minded. I would scream and yell and debate and plead and talk down and negotiate all over the place for all sorts of things. I guess maybe age has made my ideals soften a little, because I really can't get all that interested in these things anymore.

and in other news: I bought pajamas today. ::nods::

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