A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Gates is a funny guy.

mjfgates: It's supporting the cruel de-life-savings'ing of tens of thousands of innocent little old ladies.
Herbiscuits: ahhh fuck em
mjfgates: ew.
mjfgates: NO thank you.
Herbiscuits: YOU WANNA FUCK EM
Herbiscuits: Fuck em hardcore, granny style
Herbiscuits: ya know.. gentle... so you don't break their hip
mjfgates: bleh. BLEH. You're worse'n me, almost.
Herbiscuits: I can be
mjfgates: No kidding. Old ladies... uck.
Herbiscuits: Saggy, BUT EXPERIENCED labia
* mjfgates puts on Jimi Hendrix
mjfgates: dangly 'nuff to wrap 'em right around.
Herbiscuits: dangly enough to wipe stuff off with them and then wring them out.
mjfgates: "Whaddya think the mangle is FOR, anyway, sonny?"
mjfgates: cranka cranka cranka
Herbiscuits: "Ever seen a pair of old sweatpants with the elastic worn out? .... Does it get ya HOT?"
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