A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I usually don't post this many IMS.. I swear.. it's been a weird week, dammit.

how do you make flash work in linux?
I wanted to torture Jay with bad Flash movies of dancing russian crap vids... like this
But he's being a big girl:

autokaotik: and haven't gotten around to beating flash into submission
autokaotik: well
autokaotik: yeah
autokaotik: but I'd have to plug in a hard drive and reboot
VertJustVert: hah .. don't worry about it
autokaotik: and wait til the thing was halfway through booting, and unplug and replug the cat5 into the switch
autokaotik: and log in
autokaotik: and it's a pain in the ass
VertJustVert: it's not THAT interesting... weird russian song with a bizarre techno thing half way through and really really bad animation.
autokaotik: I hate booting into win
autokaotik: pain in the ass

So, Frobisher, Wendigo, any other linux geeks that I don't know as well who may have some info for poor ass pained Jay so I can torture him with my internet trash?
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