A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

OKay... I have to say something about this idiot.

I said this:

" Mmno. Look up the word "racist" It doesn't say "white people who discriminate against people of color"
If you discriminate against people on the basis of their skin tone, you are racist. PERIOD.

Apologist bullshit is just that.. BULLSHIT. Stuff that happened hundreds of years ago happened to people who lived hundreds of years ago. Not you, not me, not the office workers in that woman's building, and not the woman herself. I understand that it created an entreanched mindset..a general climate of opression. I realize that it didn't just happen back then and then stop. But to turn around and be so hypocritical as to forgive bigotry in *any* form...that's pretty stupid.

This kind of racism is okay. And that kind is okay. But oh no, not that kind over there.

Reverse racism is a myth created by people who wanted retribution while they screamed for justice. "

In response to her post basically saying that 'people of color' making anti-white remarks and discriminating wasn't racism on their part becuase people of color don't have the 'power' to be racist, and even if they are, it's okay because of their history.

This was her latest response.

"well, believe it or not, its still going on. If you get caught and the media gets wind of it, you're going down, hmmm, sometimes, those cops got away with beating a man on tape and it was justified as them doing their duty.

OH, and the guy in texas being dragged from back of this idiots truck, oh what about the other guy being hung in tree in his front yard because he was dating outside his race? Shall I continue?

And you don't know what happened to me as far as how I'm being treated because of my race. You're probably tucked away in your own little world with your back turned against the truth.

hmmm, why so hostile, I never said it was right.

geez, get a grip!"

No, I'm not replying anymore. She's a fucking idiot. total idiot.
Nope, I'm not even going to put her name up here because she annoys me THAT MUCH.
She's been all over debate today, I'm not responding anymore because I really just want to pop her little non spelling head off her cutesy lil "LMFAO!!!!!"- shoulders.

The reason I put this here at all is ...
Do any of you have any clue what the HELL she is trying to say? Did she just not understand a word I said or are we speaking different languages?
I'm usually pretty good at deciphering morons... but it just isn't working with this one.
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