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A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Lyricy Montage from Soul Coughing

"Super Bon Bon"

If I stole (uh)
somebody else's wave to fly up.
If I rose up
with the av -ah-nue be-hind me.
Some kind of verb.
Some kind of moving thing.
Something unseen.
Some hand is mo-tioning
to rise, to rise, to rise.

Too fat, fat you must cut lean.
You gotta take the elevator to the mezzanine, chump...
and it's on.
Super bon bon, super bon bon, super bon bon!
Too fat, fat you must cut lean.
You gotta take the elevator to the mezzanine, chump...
and it's on.
Super bon bon, super bon bon, super bon bon!

I love that song... but ya know.. okay .. I was just looking up lyrics... to see what people say he's saying because Doughty is a lil hard to understand here and there... Are these *right*?
These are just the verse portions of "Circles" off of El Oso

When you were languishing in rooms I built to foul you in
And when the wind set down in funnel form and pulled you in

When the ghostly dust of violence traces everything
And when the gas runs out just wreck it, you insured the thing

But I can't sigh now that you made the move
It has gone and gone to dogs, lay down on the floor

For the right price I can get everything
Slip into the car, go driving to the farthest star

I dunno. There are just little things like... I I thought he said "just reckon you've insured the thing..." and "when you were languishing in rooms I would defile you in"
but... I'm weird so I may be horribly wrong. Or ya know... since it sounds the same it *may* not matter.

I'm in a very soul coughing mood. I love El Oso. It's just a *very* good album.
And it doesn't even make me oddly sad to hear "Rolling" anymore.
I think that only happened while I was with Chad... hard to explain...

Ya know.. I used to have the biggest crush on Doughty.
Just for the smirk you can hear in his voice.

"Unmarked Helicopters"

here comes the super copter
here comes the noise it makes
the demon was an idea
the demon is awake
sur-face of your mind
this-hour, now upon us
the hour now arrived

unmarked helicopters
the lord is coming soon
unmarked helicopters
they said it was a weather balloon(uh)

but i know the truth
i know the whole shebang(uh)
i know the NAMES of men they had to hang(uh)
i let her out the trunk
heard what she said at them(uh)
they've come to drag us through the double M


I'm rolling...
I've gotta get a new balm(uh)
I've gotta get a tight tension on
I've got to slip it up before the rush gets gone
I've got to feel it with the hot mind on (yeah)

I'm rolling ...... (uh)

Hey Norman was it thrown with a broken arm?

Bottle it up(yeeeah) , to keep it warm

I'm rolling

There is something about this whole section right here.. the way the music builds with what he's saying and the way he sounds and the rhythm of the words and the delivery... I can listen to this song over and over and over just for this part of the song...

I know you got it but you gotta go
I'm gonna get into the batter so the mix might glow(uh)
I hate to do it, but I did it though
I'm gonna bite into the body like the risk is no
I got the souped up car and what you call
tripping on the boom bap
I ride the fader and I ride it low
I'm gonna slip into the field like Han Solo (and)

I'm rolling
One two into the amplifier, the electrified two
Into the amplifier, and you got to get to
Into the amplifier, one two into the amplifier
I'm rolling

OKay.. so I'm fucking weird.... fuck it. I absolutely adore these things...


Is the cure
Cure anything
Throw the rudder down
Throw the rudder down
Broad latitude
Throw the rudder down
Throw the rudder down

"I Miss the Girl"
This one is aaaaaall wrong on the site. Which is weird because this is one of the few I never had a problem understanding. Thing is.. the live version (the first version I hear and the one I prefer) is different. Which he does.. but still...

Daughter to the pop veneer(uh)
Shiny like a new mint quarter
Shining like the Franklin Mint
Seedy like the lampshade quarter

Rolling with the dopes ya know
Rolling with the wrong gun on ya
Going down to Baltimore
Going in an off-white Honda

Speeding to the rupture line
Rat-a-tatting boombox moocher
Darling with the boop shuh-nai(uh)
Rat-a-tatting lose your future

I dream that she aims to be the bloom upon my misery

She rocks mop style, and leave the rest

"So Far I Have Not Found the Science"

I don't mind the worry following me like a dinosaur
I don't fear I am de-scend-ing into the molten core

So far, I have not found the science

But the numbers keep on circling me
I'm gonna give you most of mine
I'm gonna give it if I don't slip you

Hehehe I feel so .. uh .. silly .. for typing this up.

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