A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I'm stricken by the number of whiners in our country.
If you have a cause that really impacts our world in a real and meaningful way, then ya know, scream it from the mountaintops. If you can convince me, go for it. If you have strong reasoning and a good explanation, lay it on me.. chances are I'll at least be sympathetic.

But the vast majority of people just don't.
They don't think about the things that bother them beyond their *personal* level. Because anything beyond their *personal* level doesn't matter to them. They want things to change because it makes *them* feel oogy. To hell with everyone else's point of view or feelings on the topic. Everyone else's point of view has nothing to do with how it makes this person here feel. So it's pointless even acknowledging its existence.

I dunno.
Too much foot stomping going on and not enough "oh wow.. hmm.. I didn't see it that way. Cool," going on.

And it would be so much easier to do... so much easier to enter into *conversation* about things if people would stop with the soap boxing for a few minutes and instead of TELLING , start *ASKING*.

I'm rambling.
I'm just a little put off by the fact that... every thing I've read today has had something to do with someone whining about something in the world not going a way that would be personally pleasing. Fuck everyone else, it doesn't make *me* happy or fulfilled. Most of what I do doesn't make me feel happy or fulfilled, but it's got more to do with living within the confines of reality than it does with personal enjoyment.
Not enough people open doors for strangers.
Not enough people hold on to their cigarette butts.
Not enough people just shut up and listen and watch now and again.

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