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I'm in 'extreme dislike of people in general' mode.
Feeling very misanthropic.
I talked to Mike today. He called me. That was interesting.
Not particularly uplifting or kind, but interesting.

I'm kind of sick of everyone giving me their opinion of me. Everyone who had some deep need to tell me what about me annoyed them seems to have chosen today to do it.
Everything from my ::shrug::ing comes off as a weird twitch or defensive mechanism of some sort and it's annoying to how selfish it really was of me not to go to Sean's funeral (and it's been conveniently forgotten that I was asked *not* to go. I was told I wasn't welcome) and so many things in the areas in between.

So. Since today seems to be the unoffical day for it... here's your chance.
You don't even have to do it in public. Send me mail. Send me mail and tell me what it is about me that's been annoying you, pissing you off, making you want to vomit. Let me know. Let it out. You'll feel better.
Cleanse yourself of all those things you've been biting your tongue about.
Feel free.
I think you should.
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