A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

So, I can't connect at anything higher than 24K at the moment and as I tried to dial in at a higher number it started to get progressively lower. I'm now connected at 19K and I've decided that I'll just have to go with this.
Insanity.net has taken a crap. I can't get the page to load *at all* .. in fact it gives me an MSN search page with *no result* which is a little odd considering I've been checking my mail all day.
The way I've finally gotten to my mail is to do a google search for the page and load their last snapshot and then log in on their snapshot.
Hell.. it worked.

I put catnip down for my cat and I've been goofing off with him.
Pictures follow the cut.
I'm in this odd contented mood. That's a good thing. A very very good thing.
I never expect it to last, so I'm enjoying it.

I've had religion on my mind. Partly because there was something in debate about it and partly because, well, it's always sort of on my mind. I may have to babble about it at some point. I don't know *why* exactly it's something that I think about so much or care about so much. And it isn't really religion that I care about... it's spirituality. I've got this weird passion for it. Mainly, I think, because in my life it's been a very difficult thing to feel.
Most people get freaked out by how into it I can be.
And then one who don't tend to be a lil bent about it themselves. They tend to be fundamentalists. And fundamentalism as it relates to religion tends to be equivalant to fanaticism. I've met exceptions of course. ::grin:: But those are rare rare people.
Aaaanyway... lookit the cute lil kitty.

That is the most *adorable* pic of him.

Then there's this one.. I dunno WHAT the hell is up with this one... he looks like a paranoid high kittie with his pile o WEED.

Ever chase your tail?
Ever chase your tail ... ON WEEED?

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