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My play date with Dan got cancelled.
It's a play date becuase we act like 10 year olds around each other.
But he really needed to just lay around and sleep for a change. It will be good for him. I'm thinking of calling frank and seeing if he can hook me up with a connection or just with some extra of what I *know* he has. If he has any money at all, he's got green.
He currently owes me close to $300. The least he can do is break me off a bud.
Or just come over here and smoke me out. I just want some, really.
I need a lil break from brain activity.

Manburger can bathe himself just fine. But he keeps trying to come up with reasons why I should do it. He got a lil too used to me being around washing his naughty bits.
It's time for him to get unused to it.

Ever just wanna say "BOOYA!" for no particular reason?
Oh yeah.. me too.. you know it.. mmhmmm..

Maybe I need more coffee.

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