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Clue 49 down in the local paper's crossword.
The word?

At first, I thought they made it up.
But no. Oh no. It's real.
It's a real word!

And I think I'm going to have to start implementing it in my everyday speech now.
I do I do I do indeed.

I'm feeling silly. I talked to Dan. Dan who I haven't talked to in a really long time. Dan who thought he loved me (er?) and who I talked out of it and who's never really forgiven me for it.
But he was still happy to hear from me earlier today even though it was just a message on a machine.
So he popped up.
We went and sat on top of Mt. Trashmore and talked. It was really... *lovely*.. lovely is the word, I think.

I came back, and have decided that I might just like Doughty's solo album *even more* than I like the soul coughing stuff.
Which is frightening considering just how much I dig the soul coughing.
And now I'm hyper and want to gush like a silly lil girl with a crushy-poo about this music.
He's just so great. really. I'm very damned impressed.
Between akadashi introducing Slanky's Disease (which I've heard him do in person, and really, issa funny) and just providing all the soul coughing stuff for me to hear and then the stuff from Doughty's solo album... and sending me Verses That Hurt, which contains some of Doughty's written schtuffs, I'm in overload.. but it's a sweet sweet thing. This album is *incredibly* good. And I am incredibly glad that I'm rediscovering this feeling of being completely enamoured with creative works. It makes me want to write and drawn and paint. Makes me want to go run off and be a sensory whore. It makes me want things. Which I'd stopped doing. And gaddamn it's good to want these things again.



oh i have felt
cobain�s sarcoma
growing on
this will of mine
to drag me down
into the water
the joy i feel
before i drown

and the lord�s hand moves on the scheme of
my nerves
in the chemicals swimming and the
substance of the earth
his love so great but the soul singers spurn
to sing their love to some unknown reckless

they sing to great
queen heroina
the comfort that
she warms them with
their music swells
with all their yearning
they are ashamed
to sing for him

who has built these shells that our spirits
knock inside
and weep for their release in the onrush of the
of the lord�s great seas that will boil when he
to pluck us off the face of this sad and dirty

i saw sam cooke
and ian curtis
at the door
of his golden realm
they sang his name
sweet lord in heaven
and then the lord
he let them in

and while I'm at it here are the lyrics for Rising Sign... *love* it.


your back curves like a creeping vine
with the answers in the fluid in the stem of the
in the black-coffee bowl of your eye
why do you overestimate the size of the lie?

i�ve seen
the dangers of
your rising sign
but i swear
i�d like
to drink the fuel straight from your lighter
it�s all inside the wrist, it�s
all inside the way you time it
i resent the way you make me like myself

my nerves jump
like a boiling pan
like a skillet full of oil spits,
rattling on the burner
when i stumble onto the thought
of the match you lit and dropped and set the
dial to slow yearn

can i spell it out?
should i spell it out?

By the way ...Karl and anyone else in the DC area...

PLEASE arrive early or call the venue in advance to verify times. All showtimes below are subject to change at the discretion of Mike Doughty, other artists on the bill and/or the venue staff.

Friday, May 10, 2002
Washington DC
Venue: 9:30 Club - 815 V St. N.W., 202.3.930.930 � http://www.930.com/
Time: show at 9:00 p.m.
Ages: all
Tickets: $15.00
Purchase tickets at: 9:30 Club Box Office or www.tickets.com, 703.218.6500


So yeah... you should tell your boss that you CANNOT GO ANYWHERE until the 11th at the *earliest*.
And then you should tell her that she HAS to send you to Japan.
UPDATE: And then you should go right back to her and tell her that you were kidding because you didn't realize that May 10th was actually something in the PAST not something about a month in the FUTURE and that putting off something to do something in the past would just be silly... but that you weren't joking about the Japan thing.
Lobby for Japan.

(i ... am... so.... not... bright... sometimes...... )

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