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A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I'm now sort of...pissed off... at Insanity.net
First of all, they didn't even acknowledge an issue until there had been an issue for nearly 24 hours. And then, they put up a bitchy lil "yeah, we're looking into it" note yesterday morning and there's been no further progress since then.
Soo.. I can't recieve any mail, and they say sending is fine, but I had issues with that the other day as well.
So we're going to give this livejournal.com forwarding thing a shot again. It didn't work before (it never forwarded any mail to my actual adress) but we'll see if it works with a better mail client.

I fell asleep around 6 ish or so after talking to mister-grumpy-ass-who-wasn't-grumpy-so-then-I-did-a-happy-dance-well-in-my-head-I did-anyway (aka: akadashi) for a few hours. Good stuff. I enjoy talking to MGAWWGSTIDAHDWIMHIDAFAFH, even when he's just MGA.
But I slept too long (and at nearly six in the morning I actually had the thought, "maybe I should get up early and make breakfast for the mom since I'm not going to have much else for her" ... HAH) and I'm achey and headachey and just feeling pretty blah.
And my sinuses are all messed up.
And I know why.
Cigarette. I had a cigarette last night.
Not a physical craving, I just wanted one. So I had one. And now my sinuses are all jacked up.
Sooo.. lesson learned. STOP SCOLDING ME.

I did all this looking at Doughty's message boards on his site (he refers to them as a bbs, but well, eh, they're really not) and ya know, I don't understand the point.
I get the point of his section where he talks about what's going on or just posts kookie things that he thinks about or news bits.
That I understand.
I *don't* get the forum being open for everyone else because it's not like.. they interact.
He may read it.. but I didn't see any replies unless it was a direct question (those seemed to be more from email anyway) and then it was always answered in his lil answer section.
So these are people who go to this "bbs" to post about their lives and such and their common thread is their soul coughing/doughty fandom. Maybe I just don't really understand the fanboy thing. I mean ...this exhchange baffles me...
in a thread named "Meeting Mike" :

By dave on Friday, May 10, 2002 - 02:01 pm:
hello everybody, i'm going to see doughty tonight at the 9:30 club and i was wondering what is the best way to meet doughty? hang out around the club early? after his set? outside? which ways have you bbs'ers had luck?

i just want a picture with the king of the small-rock!


By neicy on Friday, May 10, 2002 - 02:14 pm:
after the show he almost always comes out and signs stuff. he said once he doesn't dig getting bugged before the show becuz he's kinda busy.

i've been to like about 8 shows and he's always come out afterwards and he sells skittish usually, too.
have tons of fun.


By Adam West on Friday, May 10, 2002 - 02:24 pm:
He's down with the independence of traveling solo. I saw him walking down State Street before the show once, and I stopped him, and said "Hey, what time are you going on tonight?"
He was courteous in reply and said "I don't know." as well as some other stuff. Preshow, good.
During show, not good. He may tell you to shut the Fuck up, or something of the like, but don't take it personal. We've all been down that road before.
After the show is the best bet to meet him. One of these days, we will all have a "Post the pictures of you with Doughty" thread, but not yet, you hear that? NOT YET! I NEED TO GET MY FILM DEVELOPED!
and neicy can't, because she's been to 8 shows and most likely has a bunch of them. The cleavage one is okay though. ;)

(and the one reply that made me laugh... finally .. someone with at least a sense of humor about the whole thing...)

By black fudd on Friday, May 10, 2002 - 02:45 pm:
I recommend that you meet him after the show. Don't look him in the eyes. Purchase a copy of skittish with correct change. Place the money on the table. Clearly state the message you would like put on the CD. Step to your left. Thank Mr. Doughty. If you don't follow these directions ..."No CD's for you...one year"

Mr. Fudd

They talk about how to meet him as if he's from some far off land and there is a strange and baroque ettiquette protocol you must follow.
He's a guy. He's a guy who writes songs and gets on a stage and sings/plays them. Give it a fucking break.
How do you meet him? You say hello, ferchrissakes.
When is the best time? Well, if YOU were doing a show, when would be the best time? He's just a guy.
Buy him a coke and buy a copy of his album and be polite. ::shrug::
I don't understand all the mystery.
And maybe that's why I'm not a fangirl.
I can sit here and say I've a crush on his brain... but that's just me trying to tell you how enamoured I am with his lyrics and music. It's just so good. But, that's got nothing to do with *him*... for all I know (though I've heard it's the contrary) he might be a raging fucktard who I would only revile because of his infantile, petty, oh-Imma-rock_star-bullshit. And even if that were the case, I would *still* like his music.
You don't listen to music because you think the musician is a swell guy, so why would you stop listening to it if you thought he wasn't?

I dunno... again... this is why I'm not a fangirl.
I didn't understand it when my sister did it with Def Leppard.
I didn't understand it when my best friend Tamara did it with New Kids on the Block.
I didn't understand it when Brandy did it with Marilyn Manson.
I don't really get it now. ::shrug::

I think the only person who it would really trip my shit to meet would be Clive Barker. I read so much of his stuff so *exclusively* in my formative years.. and looking at his lil bio-pic on the back of Cabal, a very very young Clive... I think that I would probably stammer and blush if I met him in peson.
Yes, I know he's much older than me.
Yes, I know he doesn't exactly run around after women.
So what?
I still would have trouble not just...wanting to snatch at him and hug him for a really long time.
Maybe slow dance with him. That would be *awesome*... slowdancing with Clive Barker. ::Nods::
And then I'd be happy.
I'm going to have to find or scan some of his artwork from The Thief of Always... s'good stuff.
Rictus in particular is a favorite character.
Pie 'oh Pah from Imajica (of course, all his characters in that were tailor made for being enamoured of).
I didn't read Sacrament, and I've missed some of his plays... but other than that..... I've read an incredible number of his books.
Hehe... So yesterday I went all googly over Doughty and today I'm being all googly over Clive.

Hmmm.. me and my unattainable men.

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