A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Everyone has to get Mike Doughty's album Skittish.
It's absolutely gorgeous. Just a boy and his guitar (mostly) and his words and it's absolutely gorgeous.

I'm finally learning the right times to let things go and the right times to push for answers.
I'm .. proud of that in a way.
Used to be a time I would always push for an answer.
Even (maybe especially?) when it was something I *knew* I didn't want to hear.

Talked to Chuck for a couple hours tonight. He says hello to Ken; Played with the idea of going back to g-f; He has again lost the dollar he specifically wrote down the serial number of and was holding on to for the payment of subbes, and he's lost your mailing adress anyway .. so he'll get to it at some point; He seemed jealous that I was going to get to meet the wonderful Alicia.. SUCK IT UP BUDDY!; and he swears that time will tell on his number theories and he'll be proven correct. Just you people watch.

He SAYS he'll get back into contact with me soon, but he's said that before.. so we'll see.
Remove all the bullshit and he's still someone I enjoy talking to because he's intelligent and odd. ::nods::
I miss him sometimes. I mean.. he's a shit... but I miss his shittiness.

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