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MR. BITTERNESS (from Ruby Vroom)
There is a bar they call The Bitter Sea.
And she sits and drinks a velvet crush--that's
Kool Aid and gin--casing the clientele
Like a relentless cameraman. She is
Elsewhere. She says You keep a-knocking
But you can't come in, and I say
Little Sister, don't you do what your Big Sister does

Spiral down down down down down down down

Well desire looks just like you with an uzi nine
Gundown fifteen bystanders in a roadside driveby
Desire is the grassfire drinking gasoline
And she says Open up your mouth, man, let me come inside

Spiral down down down down down down down

She cracked
Now they call me Mr. Bitterness
She snapped
Now they call me Mr. Bitterness
She's gone,
Gone gone

Aaah, leaning up against the wall
I will lash out dancing like a madman when you're gone
I will spit the blue flame and hurl my glass against the wall
And I will hear your name coming out from a boom box
I will hear your name called out from passing cars

Spiral down down down down down down down

She cracked...

ALL THE DIRT (from Skittish)

i believe
if you wanted to leave you would
seek relief
you would seek to alleviate

sell your house to the banker
grab your tchotchkes and papers too
get the hell out of madison
all the dirt you wander through

go and call the accountant
grab your dope and your shelltoe shoes
fax it off to your lawyer
all the dirt you wander through

all of you
floats down flatbush avenue
all run through
with all the weight of all you knew

nobody likes you
nobody you like likes you now

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