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Little tiny yellow daisies. End of story, man.

General conglomeration of lil flowers on the patio.

Yes.. those are mosquito larvae chillin in the bucket.
Yes... I dumped the bucket afterward. I've got sweet blood. The mosquitos they love me.

I dumped this one too. I liked the reflection.

Another Gerbera... they're just gorgeous flowers.

Aaaaand *another* Gerbera.. again.. flowers, gorgeous.

Extreme close up.
In the full size, you can see lil blurry ants on the corner there. ::nods::

Same picture as the one up there, just with the focus changed (and moved to the right about an inch).

same fence-ish area. I'm diggin the green moldy crap.

That's all stuff from my patio taken at the same time I took the other daisy pic that I was enthusing about the other day.
That one was really the *good* one from all of them.. but I like a few of these too.

oh and...


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