A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

iiii'm a baaaaaaad monkey

I called a total stranger and let him know he's WUNDERBAR! and then a really nice conversation ensued and I giggled like a lil freak a lot. I'm drinking this pretty damned.. funky... 'sweet reserve' white wine from some virginia winery. It's uhm.. It doesn't make me vomit.. I think that's the most I can say for it, to tell the truth. I want to get together a few lil recipe thingies (like the lemon raisin cookies...) to take with me to DC.
For like.. a 2.5 week trip.. but still..
I owe Karl so much stuff now. He could literally just tell me to pay him off in indentured servitude (or sexual favors) and I'd have to. How *utterly* horrible, eh?

I stipilated that there could be no "hey, pack tonight and be up at 7 to get here" kind of things for this trip.
So I get to pack tomorrow and the flight is for 10.
Yes, I'm flying to DC.
Because I don't have a license and train rides are 5 hours.
Another prop-jet thingy. Guess who will end up with more Dash 8 Turboprop "this is what you do in an emergency" pamphlets?
I got into this thing in highschool where I always stole the plane info pamphlet from the plane.
In fact, I used to actually take the vomit bags and have the pilot sign them. But somewhere along the way.. I developed some shame ::smirk:::

I don't *think* I'll go nuts for two weeks more or less alone during the day (there will be cats, but I can't expect them to let me tag along, ya know)... There's stuff to do. If nothing else, I can exercise my OCD muscles and organize his damned cds.

I dunno.
I'm drinking.

I want to write.
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