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So I realized my roots were really bad while I was gathering up stuff in the bathroom.
I was going to be taking a shower anyway ...so what the hell, why not fix the roots.

I was kind of *happy* with the color that it was.. mostly blondish .. just a lil brassy...
I used the 'strawberry blonde' color that I had instead of one of the obnoxious reds (I won't do those again unless I have some bleach to fix them in case they're horrible like the last time. It was horrible).
It's pretty damned red. hehe ... this ALWAYS happens when I'm about to leave for somewhere.
I always decide "ah what the hell, I'll give this a shot... " right before a trip and I always end up kicking myself for it because it makes me feel WEIRD all of a sudden.

It's not too bad.
But I have to let it dry before I sleep. And I guess I'll just make it look good in the morning. I dunno. Bleh.
I'm .. nervous.
Why am I nervous?
I've done this exact thing before and gone and hung with Karl twice before.

but I'm nervous.

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