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so yeah.

I'm here and I'm fine, for those of you who asked for a note or something saying so.
As you can see, I really didn't get around to it last night... even forgot to call my mom...

I just fed the kitties in an attempt to get Maryann to take her medicine. She ate most of it. After she moved away for a few minutes I mixed it up again and set it down near her again hoping she'd give it another shot (there was only a lil left anyway). I've never seen a cat do this before.
She smelled the food and then scrathed at the floor on either side of the bowl as if she were gathering up litter to cover the shit.
Then after she "buried" the food she turned and walked purposefully away.

well she ate most of it, dammit.

I feel like hammered shit.
I really didn't sleep until about 4:30 ish and when I did sleep it was really fitful. For some reason my lower back is *killing* me.. and I don't think I've ever had issue with that before.

Ah well, I dunno.
off to call the mom to let her know I'm not DEAD... I'm such an irresponsible kid.

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